I was so much younger yesterday

As I look back on old photos I have nostalgia and a feeling running through me where all I can think is “I was so much younger yesterday.” Photos from one month ago, one year ago, three years ago. Im not necessarily referring to age when I say “younger” but more so the different world I was living in at that time. A different consciousness. Its looking at the face of the old me and thinking how she has no idea of what lays ahead.

This makes me reflect on all the events, happenings, twists and turns that life presents and the offerings of ample opportunity for growth, if only we recognise it. No matter what life presents, good or bad, we can grab onto it with both hands and experience the wonder and benefits of personal growth and inner development.

This nostalgic feeling is a good reminder that we can never truly know what is around the corner and what life will throw at us next. As I reflect over the past month, year and three years of my life with a birds eye view and hindsight in my favour I can see so clearly how everything has shaped me into the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.

The way I chose to handle most of my challenges has truly made me shamelessly proud of myself as no matter what may come my way, I made the choice to turn even the most pear shaped situations into an opportunity for growth, even if at the time it was painful.

This hindsight has allowed me to be at peace with my imperfections. No one is perfect, right? Its time we stop beating ourselves up thinking that we should be anything more than what we are at this present moment. Life is a process, no matter where you are at, you are perfectly imperfect and you are at the right place for you right now.

Its okay if life’s challenges are painful and testing, it is a challenge after all. Its okay to feel what’s really happening and perhaps even indulge in emotions for a short time. When you choose to rise, there will come a stage where these twists and turns can be used as a way to empower yourself through reflection and tacitly moving forward in a way that serves your greater good.

I was so much younger yesterday… looking back, I didn’t know what lay ahead and I still don’t know what lies ahead of me now. All I can say is that I look back at these old photos of myself with a smile and think.. “girl, you have no idea what is going to hit you, but I’m so proud of how you will handle yourself when it does.”

The younger version of myself, with life’s events ahead of her. What a wonderful thing to reflect on. What a wonderful way to check in with our growth process. Perhaps one day I will read back on this post and think again “girl, if only you knew what is ahead of you.”

I feel so full with how mysterious, wonderful and challenging this life is. I embrace the change, the challenge, the joy and the mystery with everything I am and I am so grateful that I have this life to live.

Love Kimberley

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