India is a place I will return to many times throughout this life. It holds a richness that words cannot describe. From the moment your feet hit Indian soil you belong to her and she will twist you this way and that until she gets through to your core. This was my experience anyway, I think this reaction is common after meeting travellers from all over the world who felt the effects of India’s transformative energy. We were all shaped in our own unique ways and left with the lasting marks she left deep inside us.

India took me to the edges of everything I knew of myself and this world, then she gave me one big boot right out into no mans land leaving me far, far away from the box which used to be my comfort zone and i’m really glad this happened. Even through the tears and frustrations she still dazzled me with her magic. After trekking through my minds discomfort, uncertainty and anxiety there was a brand new life on the other end. I laughed, danced, loved, connected and was taken higher in ways I will never be able to write about.

Here is a collection of my favourite photos from the three months I called India home.

The Maharishi Ashram (Beatles Ashram) Rishikesh

Palolem Beach – South Goa

A short guide on Indian Street food

Mumbai, Where extreme wealth collides with extreme poverty

India, What a beauty!

Have you travelled anywhere that shaped you into the person you’re becoming?
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Love Kimberley

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