Yes you read the the title correctly! and you’ll want to read on as she doses us up with some pearls of wisdom.

This woman can only be described as a hybrid of awesomeness wrapped in one graceful package. The best part about scrolling through her wonderfully turquoise Instagram feed is that you’ll be taken on a journey as she shares a small slice of her story with every photo posted. Emma is not afraid to share her life, experience, advice and wisdom with the world, perhaps this is why her following take inspiration from her attitude and are left with a notion to squeeze every bit of juice out of life.

Emma and I caught up recently in Byron Bay so I quizzed her on the ins and outs of how her path has lead her to where she is and where she’s going and of course get some advice for anyone who is looking to live more in line with their soul path. This is what she had to say.

Q. Most people know you as the Yogi-Mermaid, Freediving, Sky-Monkey who surfs and eats delicious vegan food, amongst many other things! Can you give us a more in depth look into how this all fits into your life and how you were drawn to these things?

Emma: They kind of all fell into place one by one. I found myself in period where I was incredibly unhappy. So I made the decision to simply drop anything that didn’t serve me and say yes to anything that nourished my soul. I ceased toxic relationships, quit modelling, quit drugs, quit smoking, quit alcohol, quit meat and dairy and quit my job. I travelled, found teaching yoga, surfing, freediving, scubadiving, skydiving, hiking, rock climbing. Anything that made feel alive again and brought me happiness, I kept close.


Q. You have such a love for life and adventure and are inspiring your Instagram following one post at a time. What does it mean to you to be such an inspiration and what can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

Emma: A lot of my following is young women that are moving through difficult times and reach out to connect. It’s always a humbling reminder of just how far I have come. Because I know what it’s like to live a life where you feel like your soul doesn’t fit in and every day is a burden. But I also know what it’s like to wake up every morning and just froth over what a blessing it is to be alive, to surf, to dive, to yoga, to skydive, whatever it is that makes your heart sing and soul dance. That’s the driving force behind sharing on my Instagram and Blog. That no matter how crappy things can seem sometimes, there’s always so much awesomeness on the other side. You just have to be here for it and willing to make the changes. The future for me is share more of that message. To inspire and empower others to find their passions and cultivate this balanced version of yourself. I hope do this through teaching yoga, blogging and Instagram.

Q. Even the most balanced people can get overwhelmed at times, what are you go to solutions to calm the body and mind?

Emma: Totally! We’re all human. We all go through shit. Sometimes things go wrong. This is a part of the human experience. The challenge here is to bring ourselves back to this natural state during the chaos. This is where we connect again with peace, joy, love. For me, Yoga has always had this innate capability to balance me no matter what I’m experiencing – stress, anxiety, anger, excitement, fear. It’s my connection back. But how you balance yourself is going to be different for each person. Sometimes it’ll be going for a surf, being out in nature or just simply sitting in your favourite café with a chocolate croissant. You just have to find your anchor to come back to on the days you feel like you’re being swept away.

Q. What are three positive habits that you do every day?

Emma: Every day I make it a habit to connect with gratitude and find appreciation even when things go wrong. I think it’s one of the greatest gifts we could give ourselves. The second is to give. Whether this be something as small as asking someone how they’re doing or as simple as holding a door open. Third thing would definitely be to find stillness in my day. Whether it’s an hour of yoga or even just a few minutes of deep breathing.

Q. Where do you look for inspiration?

Emma: Nature is probably my driving force for inspiration. I love to be outdoors, surfing, diving, practicing yoga. This is where I write, blog, get creative ideas, play with new yoga poses.

Q. What would you like to say to your followers and anyone reading this that would like to pursue their dreams or their dream lifestyle?

Start now. Even if you are not ready. You have everything you need already within you. You have all the tools you need to be happy and to pursue your heart’s desires. This is your life. You only get one. Go for it.

Here are some wise words I have taken from her Instagram posts, she really has a way of bringing philosophy to life with her beautiful flow of words pieced together in a tangible way that we can all relate to.

“Ahimsa (translates to Non-Violence or Compassion) also extends to yourself. In fact it can only begin with yourself. So offer it to others always, but never to a point where it exploits your own self-love. Because truth is, you can only ever meet a person as well as they’ve met themselves. Some people are simply at where they’re at. We all go through periods of lower vibration where we find ourselves disconnected. And if I’m being brutally honest, there’s definitely been times where I haven’t given my best to others. Sometimes we’re just at where we’re at and we do the best with what we have. Since understanding this, my relationships in life have become more seamless, allowed me to be less reactive and taught me to not take anything personally. Because how others chose to act is their karma. How you choose to act is yours. At the end of the day all you can do is be responsible for your own space. So spread love and light, but never allow others to use this to advantage. Be kind. Be compassionate. Be fair. Be honest. Be true. Be forgiving. Do no harm. But also take no shit. Keep your distance as much as possible from anything that doesn’t serve you. Hold on to anything that brings you closer to your heart’s purpose”



“I’m slowly learning that forgiveness and letting go is the answer to almost everything we do. When we we’re not flowing freely in the present moment, it’s usually because we’re holding on to a past one. As humans we sometimes find it difficult to release this negative emotion like regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger or whatever it is. It’s not particularly always a bad thing, because it means we feel. And that’s a truely beautiful thing. I think it’s why we’re here. But the challenge is balance. To know it’s okay to feel, to experience these emotions, but to know when to release them. Suffering is the root of holding on too long. Contrary to popular believe, forgiveness actually has nothing to do with another person or condoning their behaviour. It’s a inward practice. One of letting go to serve your own joy and peace. Forgiveness is the the key to cultivating self-love and living a life that truly honors your highest good. So love both your neighbours and your enemies. Do good to those who mistreat you. Openly forgive those who hurt you. Not for them, but for you. Every day we can put this into practice. To love and let go”



Thats not all she wrote guys, I really suggest heading over to her Instagram and Blog to stock up on good vibes. I relate so hard to her story in my own unique way. No matter what were facing be it big or small everything comes down to our attitude and our compassion towards ourself and where were at on our own journey.

Thanks so much Emma for sharing a piece of yourself for A Wanderlust Soul readers. Were all on this big journey called life and getting to know more people that speak our language is always such a beautiful pleasure!



Love Kimberley

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