Imagine life as one big spinning wheel, the outer skirts can be a dangerous, chaotic and dizzy, at any moment we risk falling off completely. As we migrate toward the centre we find the balance, calm and harmony that has always been there within us. A peaceful resting place where everything is just as its meant to be. This is called contentment.

Throughout life, I think we will always tether between the inner and outer skirts of the spinning wheel. Whatever point we are at and whatever we are gripping onto just to stay on the wheel there will always be important and fundamental lessons to being human. The only way to move towards the centre is to open our hearts and minds, let go of what is pushing us outwards and live moment to moment, as we silence the monkey mind we are open to hear, acknowledge and understand what the universe is telling us.

The goal is to find our centre of gravity, understand our place, our existence, our purpose. Go with the natural flow and allow the miracle of life to dazzle you and take you higher than you have ever been before.

2016 taught me a lesson or two, I believe we can read information and comprehend the concepts but we will not fully understand what it really means until we learn through first hand experience. These are things I thought I understood until my path lead me to learn them for myself.

  1. Read those good vibe books you have been wanting to get to.
  2. Learn to be alone without being lonely. 
  3. Experience life in all of its dualities, You cant stop the waves but you can learn to surf.
  4. Practice gratitude.
  5. Yoga Every day.
  6. Meditate, even if its only 5 minutes.
  7. Give love without expectations or conditions.
  8. Get out in nature, feel her communion and experience her wonder.
  9. Failure is success delayed, don’t get too caught up in the chatter.
  10. Understand that your ego is a fictitious character made up by your mind. Be humble. there is no room for hierarchy.

I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget the very same lessons I have learned, as mentioned before, we are human. The important thing is that we are always reaching for the centre of the spinning wheel. We will revisit the same lessons over and over and we will always be encountering new ones along the way. Life is a journey and my intention is to be present for every second of it. There should be no wishing to reach the destination, because then what? you’ve made it? all dressed up and no where to go from there…so its time to embrace the now.

My recommended feel good books to bring you into the now.




Namaste and welcome 2017

Love Kimberley

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