Sometimes the mind becomes a scramble of thoughts, an ant race of visions. We start worrying so much about the future causing us to feel anxious or perhaps thinking about the past too much, which makes us feel depressed. How can we possibly rationalise a situation when we are in such a state? This is a state fuelled by our ego, always trying to know our position in this world.

This turbulent way of thinking is a dangerous trap and affects so many people, you are far from alone. When it all starts to get too much some doctors will try to medicate it, some try to talk you through your thoughts.. However, from my experience, nothing beats getting some oxygen flowing to your brain, getting the blood flowing around your body and releasing tension in your muscles. Yoga has been proven time and time again to reduce anxiety, tension, stress and depression.

Yoga for me is the best way to get instant results with my mood or thought patterns.

Recently after getting back from my trip, I was feeling low, you know those post holiday blues feelings. My mind was reminiscing, wishing I was still experiencing more of India, I was feeling sad. I was also thinking about the future, “where does life go from here?” was a big mixed bag of noisy noisy thoughts. Of course I wasn’t feeling good about being home, I wasn’t even allowing myself the opportunity, I was too busy with all these thoughts that I did not consider the here and now.

With one long and deep inhale and a rapid exhale I decided that was enough. I rolled out my mat and put myself on it. After 15 minutes of sun salutations the smog had lifted. I thanked and acknowledged every one of my thoughts and filed them away, this is how you work with your ego and not against it.

If you snatch a toy from a toddler they are likely going to cry and make a scene and will do anything to be heard…well its the same with your ego. but, if you take a moment to spend some time with it, see what it wants to show you, acknowledge it and put it to bed the relationship becomes a lot smoother.

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with your thoughts I challenge you to take three long and deep breathes and roll out your mat. Feel yourself move from one state to another by bringing awareness to the here and now.

Love Kimberley

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When the mind screams yoga silences