This is for those who know they want to start doing more yoga.

During my time in India in the early mornings I would sit by Mother Ganga and hear the sounds of nature. Bringing my attention to the cool morning air touching my skin and the sound of the water passing me by as it makes its way to its destination. I would bring myself to this one point in time without care for the past or the future. I would just sit there with her, and nothing else mattered.

Moments like these help us to assess and eliminate obstacles we are facing, or perhaps ones we don’t even know we are facing.

In life we make choices to how we approach obstacles that are presented to us and the choices we make will either take us to a place of beautiful, loving abundance or a place where we feel trapped, inundated, victimised. There is a fine line between these two states but the state of loving abundance is a much more stable, strong and limitless place to be and it is our choices that will get us there.

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I not only practice yoga but I am an advocate for it when it comes to mental challenges. One big obstacle we have and often don’t recognise is the excuses we make. Most of the time these excuses are illusions and don’t really exist.

Here are my straight forward solutions to 3 invisible obstacles and real excuses that we use to skip yoga.

Excuse #1: “I cant afford to go.”

I counter that. not going will cost you more. 


  1. Reach out to your family and friends during birthday and holiday times to gift you drop in classes or a 10 class pass at your local yoga studio. I know gifts are orthodox, but this is a gift towards your well being. I didn’t need to pay for yoga from my own pocket for almost 6 months by simply asking for this. Now I am in a position to give back, what a journey.
  2. A super inspiring friend of mine who I met during my yoga training funded her entire course through Go Fund Me. She had a really inspiring story about why she was on this journey and reached out to people who wanted to help her make her training a reality. She is now giving back to these very same people by inviting them to her yoga classes free of charge. What a humbling and connective way to approach an “obstacle” and help crush this very same obstacle for others.
  3. Offer to clean the yoga studio. I knew of a guy who would clean the carpets at his local studio once per week in exchange for a free membership with unlimited yoga classes. Genius.
  4. Look at your spending habits. Think of ways you can be more economic. For example making your coffee at home. This is an old habit of mine, 1x coffee 5 times per week @ $4.50 each….???? …thats $1170 per year! Insane. This also helped kick my coffee habit. Win win.
  5. Everything comes and everything goes, this is nature. You could be stock piling some cash but eventually that will go and it will also come again, round and round it goes. Its time to let go of the fear of not having enough, this is an illusion that does not serve you. So again I ask you, can you afford not to go?

Excuse #2: “I don’t have enough time”


  1. Approach yoga with intention. Start to schedule it in ahead.
  2. You will never seem to have enough time, this is the nature of our modern society. Busy schedules and even busier minds. If you cannot spare at least one hour to yoga per week for yoga then its time to set yourself up a little better. Yoga will help you work through your busyness and figure everything out.
  3. Pay attention to what you’re doing with your time. Are you stuck in the facebook/instagram trap first thing in the morning? do you “unwind” with tv in the evening? these are two really great opportunities to not only break bad habits but to create new good ones ????

Excuse #3: “I don’t know if yoga is for me.”

Let me start by saying Yoga is for everyone.


Ask yourself these questions

  1. Do I want to manage my life better?
  2. Do I want to sleep better?
  3. Do I want to feel and look well?
  4. Am I willing to learn more natural ways to become happier everyday?
  5. Do I want a calm and clear mind?
  6. Do I want to meet other people making a positive impact to their lives through yoga?

One way or another there is a way around the obstacles. We just have to honour ourselves.

“You have two homes, Earth + your body, take care of them”


Love Kimberley

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