What is your relationship with social media? do you exercise online responsibility? are you in control of your online reality? Since the introduction of social media there is, what I consider an urgent need for education on the impact it can have on the quality of our lives. The reality is that a lot of heads get lost in the game.

Its not only about what we post or the footprint we leave. It can take away the quality from our engagements if we spend our time trapped in a mindless state.

How many times have you caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed just double tap, tap, tapping, or perhaps coming to the end of what seems like an infinite scroll on facebook until you feel “all caught up?”. I am guilty.

My personal struggle with social media comes from the reality of running a blog, the social media game never really stops. Publishing a post is half the work, the other half is connecting and engaging with readers on social media and making sure my posts are visible enough for you to click on it and read my words. This means promoting every move on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramPinterest etc. (Excuse the cheeky yet shameless self promotion, I did just say it is half the work getting people to engage on these platforms)

I really hate the social media hustle, but at the end of the day, it is part of the job that I must grin and bear.

So what is the solution to managing this mess? I hate the hustle of proving why my content is better than the next person. There is this need to constantly improve that is forever lurking over me as I push forward my vision. I also must compete against online personalities whether their content is made of quality and tangible pieces of writing or whether they post rubbish aimed at the consumer.

I think you could relate, but from a different angle. For example when you catch yourself scrolling through these online personalities that post mostly staged shots of the very best highlights of their lives, only to leave you wanting and wishing for more, but more in a superficial, material or physical way.

This is an illusion, you already have the tools for contentment inside your skull. We need to treat what we ingest online to be like food for the mind. If you feed yourself rubbish and advertising you cant expect exceptional results for your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

If we are not careful, we can loose our head in the game. We can unintentionally cause ourselves tunnel vision if we don’t step away and literally bring ourselves back to our own physical reality. For example, My reality of watching my fingers type this sentence and understanding, these fingers can be used for many more things that are not related to technology. Your reality of reading this sentence and understanding your eyes can see so much more than your screen. Don’t click away just yet to take action, there is some high quality “food” about to be served that you should digest.

The solution is to become aware by being mindful

The key ingredient to awareness is being mindful. What I mean by this is bringing awareness to how you are spending your time and being aware of the “food” you are feeding your mind simply by being mindful of your online habits.

By being aware and mindful we can take responsibility of two things, how much time we are spending mindlessly scrolling and being responsible for who we follow. We are in charge of our own online reality and we can start by filling our feeds with things that serve us. Following personalities that are telling us to be more, do more or buy more to be relevant in society will never serve us.

 What you can do today to hit the refresh button.

Learn how to unfollow and be responsible for who you do follow.
Cap your browsing time and designate browsing time.
Connect with people in a more meaningful and engaging way.
Add and seek value in your 
Think before you post, are you adding fuel to the mindless scrolling fire by sharing everything and anything?
Ask yourself, what is your role and function on social media?

Social Media, when used appropriately is a versatile tool that plays and important role in the functioning of todays society. Just don’t loose what it means to be human and be sure not to loose yourself in the process.

Be aware, be mindful and take responsibility for your online wellness.

My pondering came after I read this post sent to me by Lachlan Crawford.

It is certainly a topic that is up for discussion, so tell me, what are your thoughts on Social Media and the impact it has on our wellbeing?



Love Kimberley

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