Welcome To India.

Once in a while we experience a place that makes us feel like we are home, home in the sense that there is a place of belonging deep inside of us that is not a geographical location.

For me, India is that place

I think the beauty of India is the fact that not everyone can see it, the beauty is something that is uncovered by those who seek it. It is not the kind of beauty that is presented immediately to you, such as a landscape or monument, although this kind of instant beauty does exist. It is something that takes a little work. It is a peeling back of the layers, it is the kind of beauty that shows you things within yourself. As many great teachings reveal to us that our perception is a reflection… this is how India made me feel at one…

With each peeled layer I discovered a beauty within us both.

India is special.

I love hearing the chanting from the temples in the distance at sunset and the blanket of mist that layers the Ganga in the morning. I am never bored with the flashes of colour, sparkle and elegance of the women in Saris and I love to watch them socialise. Life is lived openly, uncensored and unapologetic, it is raw and it is humbling.

India feels like many countries all in one, every place has its own character, every city dances to the beat of its own drum. The infectious Indian head wobble and the warm and spicy street chai in the morning are two things that are certain when I wake up every day.

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Devotion is everywhere, from sharing love to dedicated practices. Devotion for god or passion for the stories shared. India is like a kaleidoscope of beliefs that all share one thing in common and that is to avoid misery. I can relate to India on this level.

Maybe you have heard that in India, anything is possible. The one sentence sure to bring a smile to any Indians face. I know it brings a smile to my face.

I made so many friends, and it was so easy, We are both equally as fascinated by each others stories and it makes me feel so warm. I am always humbled that people here have a concentrated love for India. Some cannot point to India on a map, but they have so much to teach and show. The hospitality is something that Indians take pride in, a simple conversation nearly always leads to a chai at someones house.


The person I become when I am in India is someone I like a lot, I love showing my freckles and letting the breeze blow through my hair. I always seem to catch myself smiling so much my cheeks hurt. and people notice.

India is transformative.

It shows you that it is okay to be raw.   

Its okay to be imperfect.

Its okay to be you.

India is a silent teacher, a teacher that shows you how to be in a moment. It introduces you to the teacher within, the most inspiring teacher of all.

I love how curious the people are and I love their diversity. India is a place you will never figure out, not in your life time, it is so deep and so rich a lifetime will barely scrape the surface. To me, India is the most expressive place on this earth, the smiles, the colours, the spice, the textiles, the temples, the art! all so intriguing, all with a story.

I want to shout this feeling that India gives me, I want to shout it from high in the mountains.

India makes me feel alive.

India has her own vibration.

India is special




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