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India is a place I can confidently say I had a rebirth. My Yoga training and what some would consider Pilgrimage definitely helped to shift and expand my consciousness but I wont go so deep into that in this post  (Leave me a comment if you would like a post about that). I will simply explain what the characteristics of traveling through India has taught me.

Not included in the five lessons below but an over all teaching is that there is no need to struggle and there is no need to plan too much all you need to do is accept and embrace the new. The attitude of openness and acceptance invites new friends and experiences into our lives. Traveling to a country with a different culture and environment than the one we have become accustomed to creates the perfect setting to discover yourself.

Remember there is no final destination, just the journey itself, it is not about reaching some point or some goal, no one is concerned with this other than you, we all have different destinations in life and when we embrace the company of others we can easily understand with totality that we are simply part of each others journey, so its nice to stop and be in the moment without concern for the future.


Getting on with it these are my five major lessons.


1. The world is not as scary as we are told to believe.

When I first announced to people that I would be traveling to India for three months…solo..and dare I say it, as A FEMALE (last time I checked). The uproar of concern was almost unbearable. I almost did not want to tell people about my trip. I did not expect the amount of criticism I received and the concerns for my safety.

I never once considered that I would be in danger but the words of those who did not know any better got into my head and as I board the plane I suffered (a very unnecessary) anxiety attack and began to fear that I had bitten off more than this girl could chew, and this girl can damn well chew…I quickly learned that words are simply that, just words and the effect they have on us can have what seems like a brainwash effect if we allow it.

I allowed words to get into my head which had me in a mad panic only to be pleasantly surprised with the hospitality and beauty that lay on the other side. Media and Internet have tricked us into thinking that the world is a big bad and scary place as more and more fear is installed into our minds on the daily…this is honestly not the case. Yes bad and sad things happen in this world and it is a huge shame that we are fed this through a tv screen telling us that this is how it is.

The truth is that people would rather help you than hurt you. While its good to keep your whits about you when you’re in a foreign country or unfamiliar place you should never let fear stop you from spreading your wings. The wind feels really nice in amongst those feathers of yours.

2. I learned to become a child again

Being in a country such as India which is so backwards and different to anything I could possibly experience at home took me back to when I was a child, Everything is new, shiny and interesting. There are so many things to learn and so many things to discover. I don’t understand anything and I believe what I am told because I don’t know any better. The freshness that comes with a naive mind is so fantastic. We are raised right up and sometimes we are let down, I sometimes wanted to have a tantrum and I sometimes didn’t get my own way, Sometimes I could be fixated on what was in front of me and my dependence on those who knew better helped me learn, grow and discover.

3. We don’t need much to be happy

Spending three months with just the bag on my back helped me to realise that the only things I missed from home are the loving connections of my Family, friends and animals. The nice clothes and makeup I own are a couple of comforts I look forward to going home to but if I didn’t see these items again my life would be no worse off.

I realised that living in the moment is really the best formula for happiness. A great quote I came by is “those who live in the future are anxious, those who live in the past are depressed and those who live in the moment are content” well, it goes something like that from what I can remember. This is so true but it took for me to haul ass to India before I truely understood the meaning of this.

4. You need to be proactive

When I was saving for my trip I realised just how hard it is to budget, but if I didn’t start I would have never booked my ticket. If we don’t take action we will always make excuses not to go. Accept that there will never be a “right time” to travel. I missed a few awesome events while I was away which is a shame but again, I have learned to live moment to moment and my happiness has only been positively affected.

This is also true whilst travelling.

Sometimes you don’t know what is out there to do in this city you have arrived at. The traffic is chaotic and sometimes the locals have no clue what to do in their own city either as most are simply trying to make a living and don’t see their city in the eyes of a foreigner. You need to be proactive and get outside otherwise you’ll end up sitting in your room connected to slow crappy internet missing out on the goodness beyond your doors. I have been guilty of this.

5. Some things are beyond our control

We often like to think we have control of our lives *cough* or should I say there are things we like to control in our lives. Our social calendar, our routines, our weight, our jobs, but while travelling in India I realised this only brought upon misery. I had to surrender and realise that if things didn’t go right I just had to go left. I had to learn how to enjoy myself anyway and it didn’t take as long to adapt as I thought it would. If things don’t go the way we want them to, guess what YOU’LL BE OKAY. You will always be okay. You have to learn to go with the flow.

In india emotions can get way too crazy and are influenced by things that cannot be controlled, the traffic, the people, the trains running late, the stomach upsets, the heat, the power cuts, the wifi…WHATEVER. If you allow this to get on top of you, you’re in for a seriously bumpy ride. Just relax because there is beauty to be found in every direction you look in the most unexpected ways. There is even beauty amongst the chaos but it requires your attention to be recognised and admired. The things you cannot control can take you on the best adventures. Just be open to it.

Namaste xx



Tell me, What did travel teach you?

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