I used to have a toxic perspective. I thought living was making living behind my desk spending my days waking up and doing the same workout routine, eating the same foods and trying to keep everything together. As humans, comfort is one of the main objectives that influences how we live our life. I have spent my time treading water in discomfort whilst chasing comfort. When you say it out loud it actually sounds ridiculous.

The most exciting thing about our life is that we will continuously evolve until the day we die. We have a choice. The most important point to remember is to take every experience with an open heart and understand with any type of change it will take some hard yards and internal work however the results far outweigh any struggle. My world was tipped upside down and shaken about before beautiful things could grow between the cracks. Your mind is like a compost heap being poked and turned, decomposing the old and creating space for a product that will provide an abundance of life.

Travel will shift your perspective in so many areas. For those who seek a full and rich life powered by love and gratitude I promise you, booking that ticket will be the beginning of an internal transformation for those who are open to it.

I meet too many people who are blinded by ideas (I used to be one of them).
Our current perspective affects the choices we make and dictates what we believe we deserve. This could be the tipping point between a life full of love, growth and adventure or a life that can quite frankly be exhausting trying to keep comfortable.

Todays Mantra –

“I am open, I choose a life of curiosity.”



What shapes our current perspective ultimately comes down to past experience and how we chose to let it affect us (whether or not we realised we had a choice to begin with). No one is perfect and I myself am guilty of allowing a toxic perspective to shape me and influence me. With travel I was able to open my eyes to the potential of my own world and say NO MORE I will no longer allow toxic people, thoughts and energies into my life, it is now easy for me to send those things back to where they came from.

Ill get to the point.. the way travel changes you starts from a break in routine and getting out of your comfort zone, I’m sure we are all too familiar with the quote “life begins at the end of our comfort zone” some of us read this as an empty sentence, I read this as a quote of power. 
When you immerse yourself in new cultures, foods, sights and sounds you are offering yourself the opportunity to explore and discover, just like when you were a child. You will learn not only about your new surroundings but also about yourself. You will learn to be assertive and you will decide for yourself what you do and do not like. This will spread like wildfire. This natural curiosity you have always had will start an inferno that cannot be tamed and here you can celebrate your new life.

Let travel be your medicine. Start the friction and create the fire. Realise this world is so much bigger than you or I and you only have to do what you choose to do. You can decide your path and Im not saying it will be easy but I promise you it will be rewarding.

Namaste xx



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