I’m on the Pursuit of Happiness.



Today I flew North to Rishikesh leaving behind the golden sandy beaches of Palolem, South Goa.
I was apprehensive to leave Palolem and I’m not quite sure if this was because I genuinely believed that I was entitled to a few more days where my biggest responsibility was to apply sunscreen every few hours or because I’m just scared of what I am yet to experience here in Rishikesh.

I feel secure knowing that I will have my Gurus and Yoga Masters to guide me however there is also another aspect to this. Every student that I will be spending the next two months with is on a unique journey of their own and where we are going we are entering this unfamiliar territory alone, our experiences will be as unique our finger prints.

If you are new to my blog, the essence of my position is that I have arrived in Rishikesh to complete 500 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training. I came to this decision when I started to feel disconnected from myself with each passing day that I sat behind my office desk. I was burning out. I was unhappy. Yoga and travel brings power into my life. It pulsates life through my veins. The decision happened naturally and swiftly without a second thought.

The Dancers Pose – Natarajasana – Grounds you psychologically and emotionally and demands both strength and flexibility from your body, mind, and spirit.

I’m not really sure what I want to achieve by being here. When I paid my deposit I was so sure of myself. Telling myself “I don’t like my job, this will make me happy, I will have a new career, my body will be cleansed, I will have my mind in check” the list goes on. After only a few weeks in India I can see so clearly that these are all such superficial things. The ego is a beast and my first goal is to tame it. The ego will always exist within us however we can learn to be the master and lessen the bite. 

I have also come to realise that this is not my key to happiness as I naively thought, In fact, happiness is an ongoing project that I will be chipping away at for the rest of my life. My superficial goals I had at the beginning will be reached by default, no doubt. A new career, a clear mind and a distinct formula to keep my happiness in check. All wonderful things however looking beyond this I am now both scared and excited to go deeper than that again. I want to search the caverns of my soul and meet myself for the first time.

I won’t ever pretend that I have all of the answers as I, just like everyone else am infinitely a student of my own life. What I can do is share my experiences in hopes of shining the light for others. I strongly believe that everyone is on their own spiritual journey whether they realise it or not. Everyone is on a different path and also different levels, making us all wonderfully unique and I think this a really powerful thing to keep in mind. We all have so much to learn from each other if only we choose to listen. Not just with our ears but with our hearts. When we stop pretending we know the answers, we will learn the most.

I used to travel to see but now I travel to feel and not just emotionally. I travel to feel the internal shift. As the sun rises each day I have felt a new piece to my unique and complex puzzle fall into its rightful place. We are curious creatures, we want to learn and grow, so why do we deny ourselves this basic necessity in life? I guess it may boil down to the fact that we easily morph into societies ideals. We are still listening but maybe not always to the right people or searching in the right places, as a result instead of growing better we grow bitter. Fuelled by our ego which can blindsight us from our potential.

Those who genuinely seek enrichment, I promise you will find it. Not today, maybe not tomorrow or even within the next year. As I have learned this is a slow but rewarding process. You might feel stuck or perhaps you do not know your way, but part of the process is fumbling about finding your way, trying things, falling down and getting back up. With each step forward you will feel each piece of your puzzle click and a new burst of energy will buzz through your entire body, this is your signal that you’re on the right track. 

Namaste xx


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