My days here at the Ashram are long. 5:30am – 8pm six days per week. I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up but I also knew that I needed this challenge. I needed routine, discipline and mental stimulation, I can confirm that I am getting all of those things and so much more.

My classes include Mantra recitation and cleansing process, Pranayama, Multi style Asanas, Yoga Anatomy, Hatha Yoga, Meditation and my personal favourite Yoga Philosophy.
I feel so much expansion with every class and have a magnitude of “Ahh Ha” moments throughout the day.

My favourite thing about Yoga Philosophy is that it provides me with so much to ponder and explore, especially during my meditation which stops my mind from creating a ping pong effect with my thoughts and helps me to remain focused, although my mind does take me to some wild places during this time. I have learned that Meditation is not about controlling your mind or eliminating your thoughts completely, which has helped me settle and I can now comfortably sit with my thoughts for a full hour without telling myself to shut up or shut off. I realise now that the practice of Yoga itself is only a very small part of Yoga which has sparked a curiosity and interest within me. I am hungry for more. Everything I have ever learned from my Western practice barely scrapes the surface of what I am yet to achieve.

I have settled into a routine quite quickly, in my “Self study/Practice” time during the heat of the day I start with a dip in the Mother Ganga. It’s is the peak of Indian Summer so I feel like every class is an unintentional Bikram session and beads of sweat dot my skin at every hour of the day. The fresh, cold, mineral rich water of the Ganga makes me feel so cleansed and energised after a long, challenging and hot morning.

I have spent so long telling myself that by being here and attending all of my classes I would get my answer. I thought the answer would be presented to me or something would click. If Yoga Philosophy has taught me anything so far, I have been looking in the wrong direction. I can ask myself “what am I here to achieve?” and I can easily answer “Happiness, health, knowledge etc.” But these answers alone are not for filling. We must stay with the question and explore this inside and out. We must stop looking for just the answer or fact and instead investigate, dive deep, explore and find truth. Only then will our consciousness evolve.

On a lighter note I learned that I have been doing all of my poses half assed without even knowing it… Ill admit it…Even the ones I thought I was “good” at. The activation and power I feel with every adjusted and aligned pose is tremendous. The classes are tough, they are thorough, they challenge me mentally and physically. I have face planted during a down dog from my sweaty palms giving way on my mat and I have crash landed from the instability in my left leg but during the tough times, if I don’t laugh ill cry so this is also strengthening my emotional wellbeing. Mostly, I am having fun, I am learning a lot and this is the most definitive experience of my life.

So early on and already it is abundantly clear that I am meant to be here. I am in the right place and I am being nurtured in one of the most spiritual places on the planet. I am feeling blessed and grateful for this experience and I enjoy being able to share it with you.

Namaste xx


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