I start my 3 month trip in Delhi, A place that I had little interest in as so many people had advised me that they could not wait to leave. My experience was the opposite, I wish I had a little more time to soak in this wildly unique city. Delhi has been my introduction to India and the bustling energy ran through me like electricity.

Delhi is the place to people watch. To observe chaos in its most organised form.
No matter how backwards everything seems, things just work here.

My “welcome to Delhi” moment happened when I hopped on the back of a bicycle rickshaw and I instantly want to jump off as we start inching closer and closer to the craziness of a big intersection. I hold on for my life as we plunge directly into the oncoming traffic. People, cars, rickshaws, bikes, cows all darting in different directions.

My rider can sense my fear and laughs “Welcome to Delhi, where anything is possible”

My heart pounding in my chest, I squeeze my eyes closed, all I can hear is “TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOT” when I open my eyes we have made it through the intersection with not one bump or scratch. How can this be?

I have adrenalin bursting through my veins and the city starts to take its true form as we drive through spice markets and food stalls where the air takes on a form of its own, it is choking with spice yet a beautiful aroma has layered the street. We turn down another street and this one is different again, I can only describe the scent as a rainbow of incense and I cant help but take this moment to admire beautiful women in beautiful Saris.

I feel alive.

The thing about Delhi is; there is something new around every corner. Something to trick your senses. Something to scare you, something to make you smile. Something to melt your heart, something to bother you, something to open your mind or something to humble you, there will always be another surprise that Delhi will deliver.

Namaste xx


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