A story about chasing your dreams.

Its the night before, the night before. My cousin Mikayla and I are one bottle deep in Sauv Blanc…about the right quantity where conversations start to get real.


Her eyes wide “Three months… Three months… Three months” she repeats.
It then hit me, I had been blocking these thoughts for so long. “THREE MONTHS” my heart begins to pound in my chest.
It is all a mix of excitement, fear of the unknown, my severe home sickness. I’m also thinking about being the Newb at my Yoga school. Im worried about not having my nice cup of coffee in the morning or my feather underlay on my bed. Such Trivial things, but these are the things I am used to.


I have never let fear stop me from doing anything. I make no secret of been profusely scared of heights, but I still went bungee jumping because I am more stubborn than I am scared.


We start talking about dreams, life, things we want to do, the hold backs we think we have and there is a high vibration of love in the room. It could have something to do with the wine but we went with it and came up with some magical dreams and put each other on cloud nine. It felt like we were kids again creating these grand plans.


I started talking about having to leave my job to go to India, although I am sad to leave I also feel relieved. I know I don’t want to go back, the only way is forward. I am not designed to sit behind a desk five days per week. It makes me feel like a wild animal in captivity.

With no real plan on what I am doing or where I am going after India other than perhaps teach Yoga and line up some more Makeup work I started to feel like that “plan” would be anti climatic after such a bold country like India. It is said to be an assault on all of your senses at once. This would be a dramatic drop of energy for a hypersensitive person like myself.

I feel as though the lessons I have learned so far in my 23 years, my knowledge about blogging, my hypersensitivity, yoga, all of these things have come into my life leading up to this exact moment in time where it all clicks and works together. Is that too farfetched to think? Things have really started to balance and fall into place. My mind is calm and I am feeling ready. I used to always struggle with consistency. Now I find myself hungry to express myself with the perfect medium to display my original words, work and content AND it is a plausible career. I just need to show up. Show up. Show up every damn day. Treat this like my job, then it will be.


We made these grand plans of buying an old van and driving around Australia for 6 months. I will teach Mikayla Yoga and she will teach me how to surf and things will just be all Hakuna matata.
I wasn’t even joking about it one bit. I have that Van, a surf board and my mat on my mind. But first., India.

Its now the day before and I am up at 7am to drop my parents at the airport. They are off to road trip America for 2 weeks and this will be the last time I see them for three months. I am on the curb hugging them both, eyes closed, squeezing hard. I didn’t want to let go.
I walk back to my car and my parents are standing in the drop off zone, bags in hand with a “we will miss you” smile on their faces.
Tears start to well up so I run back over and give them one last kiss and hug goodbye. I will miss you.

Now its just me. I feel alive and overwhelmed. This is certainly more exciting than my office cubicle.

This post is the start. The start of a new chapter. New adventures and a tailor made future.
I am taking the reins and opening myself to the possibilities, growth and oppertunities.

This life of ours is meant to be lived. We are capable. We have control. This world is extraordinary.


Welcome to the start of my journey and thank you for supporting me! You keep me believing.

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