I think..a lot, for my INFP personality type this is a strong and common trait. I tend to get emotionally invested more than the average and travel is one of those things that has lured me in hook, line and sinker.
It is only natural for me to want to share the love and awareness of our time and how easy it is to work through your excuses and just do it!

After much thought and consideration I feel confident enough to say that for those of us seeking natural wonders we are the luckiest travelers that will ever exist.
I believe so strongly that the 21st century is the pinnacle time to travel, I have even labeled it the century of the traveler.



100 years ago the first airliner for commercial use took flight. This was a huge moment in modern history and certainly paved the way to change the world politically, economically and socially. You could say this moment was the birth of the transport industry we know today.

The phenomenal successes, break throughs and advances within the last 100 years have given us the gift of freedom to access any destination, any city, big or small and it is all at our fingertips.
It is not reserved for the wealthy or the wildest of adventurers, people just like you and I can be anywhere on this globe within the next 48 hours.
This fact alone still blows my mind every time I think about it and often have to pinch myself.

With that being said we understand that Travel is more accessible and affordable than ever before, but won’t it just keep getting better?. I have thought about this too and I believe the answer is yes, it absolutely will, Imagine what we will do within the next 100 years.

Lets think about the big picture; tourism is booming at heights never seen before and it plays a huge role in many economies over the globe. We have the facilities, the education and the support to explore deserts, dive the seas, climb mountains, relive major historical events, reconnect with our cultural roots.
We all travel for different reasons and it feels good satisfying our purpose.

Red Wood Forest New Zealand luckiest traveler

As clever and constructive as we are we are also very destructive, there is no equilibrium between conservation and the greed for resources. While care is taken to preserve our natural wonders and world heritage sights and maintain their beauty, environmental factors such as erosion, deforestation in conjunction with lack of education and human carelessness indicates that these wonders will not be here forever as they stand today. Infact a lot of our eco systems are on a major decline.

So that took a wild turn into doom and gloom land so let’s bring it back to what this post is about, and that is us, the lucky ones, living in an extraordinarily unique era of transport and preservation, As the lucky ones we have one job and one responsibility and that is to pass the knowledge down to those that we can, be kind to our earth and live in the moment. It would be rude to ignore this unique opportunity we have 🙂 We have it all and life is short. We must travel with our eyes open and embrace the beauty.

We are the lucky ones!

Has this realisation ever hit you whilst traveling?

Namaste xx


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