Having A Wanderlust Soul is a very personal experience for everyone and could be defined by thousands of different variables, simply focusing on the travel aspect of what defines having A Wanderlust soul and what it means to me, I have put together the top 10 things that come to mind when I ask myself the question.

1. You are in love with the city you are from.

Whether you are from a bustling city or humble country town you always manage to find a way to enjoy where you live. This is a place universally known as home. Home is where Wanderlust is discovered, the first place you ever explored.

2. Home is a special place.

To me, Home is the most special destination I know.  This is where many of my most fond memories were fostered. Home is the first place you ever fell in love with.

This is that place you miss when you are on the road for a long time, sometimes you crave the familiarlarity or the company of your nearest and dearest.

Every time you come home after a trip, you get that old familiar feeling. I look forward to this as much as I look forward to my next adventure. This is my healthy balance.

3. You are subscribed to a stack of travel blogs.

I am shamelessly guilty for this.
You read article after article then you end up on Instagram to follow this person that you just discovered, which takes you to twitter, then onto another website and the cycle begins again. After a big blog binge feast you’re thinking what happened, where am I, how did I get here? as you stare at the page in front of you. Yes it happens to us all. This is how we procrastinate, and we are really good at it. 

4. When plans fall through you managed to have a great time anyway.

You receive a rain check from a friend, Do you?

a) Feel annoyed and then go do what we discussed above in point 3?

b) Reschedule the date and get excited for an unexpected opening in your schedule and do something you have been wanting to do for ages. Impromptu road trip to Byron Bay is what comes to mind.

c) 15 minutes of A then moving right into B zone.

If you answered B or C you’re doing things right!

5. When you talk about travel your soul lights up.

Something comes over you as if you can fluently speak another language which is a mix of passion and excitement. It may sometimes take people off guard. You just really love the subject, you know a lot about the subject and therefore have for filling conversations on the subject.

6. Your bucket list is all over the world.

From Machu Picchu to the Sahara, Eiffel tower to middle earth. Taj Mahal to Great Wall. Your bucket list knows no limits. You may not get it all done but its a life well lived trying your best.

7. You Inspire other people to travel.

Refer back to point 5. If you have made even one person more curious about the earth we live on you have permission to bask in that glory and be really happy for them! Another Wanderlust Soul is awake.

8. You have a photographic memory of the moments that forced you to stop.

The moment that got you. The one that demanded your attention. Those moments that you had to stop and just take it all in. You know the ones, they are so deeply embedded you can relive them in your day dreams.

9. You don’t like the news.

You only like to see the good in the world. This doesn’t count as being ignorant, it is still very important to be educated on the happenings around the world, but the the particulars visually delivered to you every day really dampens your spirit.

Here is one of my favourite blogs –


You’re Welcome 🙂

10. You Want others to feel the same happiness you do.

When you travel, you are your truest and most free version of yourself. Your heart, curiosity and senses are open wide. Its the most magical feeling and you wish everyone could feel this way even just once.

Let me know what your personal experience below, I would love to hear from you.

Namaste xx


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